The Apidictor Tapes


Annette C. Boehm is a queer German poet and scholar. She holds a PhD from the Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi. Her first full-length poetry collection The Knowledge Weapon (Bare Fiction, 2016) was the winner of the inaugural Bare Fiction Debut Poetry Collection Competition, and her intertextual chapbooks The Five Parts of Love – Confabulating Sappho and ED Liberations were published by Dancing Girl Press in 2012 and 2019 respectively.

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“Annette C. Boehm’s new book, THE APIDICTOR TAPES, rather than concentrating on the hackneyed hum of things as so much of recent poetry does, homes in on particulars. Each poem is fused by a precise imagery one seldom sees these days. As Boehm says in ‘The Glass Transition,’ every bone in the body is ‘a fulgurite, seeded by lightning.’ That is just how tightly fused every poem in the collection stands. Her language will leave you chilled with its ‘perfect clarity’ of image and meaning—and with no abstractions marring its brilliance.”—Jim Barnes

“From an elegiac ‘translation’ of the Narwhal, to sharp-witted interrogations of social cues, to poems that interrogate an era of school shootings, drones, and robots, the poems and personae of THE APODICTOR TAPES range and explode from their beautiful concision. Annette C. Boehm is an extraordinary poet whose imagination and lyrical control are brought in gorgeous tension through crystalline images and vital turns. Each poem in this collection is a surprise, an arrow, an angled truth.”—Rebecca Morgan Frank

“In this fine new collection, Annette C. Boehm brings to the pages a powerful aesthetic sensibility, married to a decidedly curious and scientific inclination. She has an ear for the sounds of natural and mechanical beasts—the book resounds with ‘click-trains’ and static, murmur and buzz, often in the service of exploring what it means to know, what it means to have and manipulate information. She writes fluidly of the fluidity of many things, which by a ‘strange alchemy’ equals human fragility, and also beauty. The book surprises on every page, exhibiting the ‘strange alchemy’ of poetry itself that only the best poets are able to accomplish.”—Sidney Wade