When Thought is Young


“I was entranced by this beautiful, thoughtful book, which evokes the mystery of child life as few have. The discernment, the delicate fingering of these reflections brings to us the wellspring of early imagination without hammering home any message, except that of honoring a child’s thought. Yet it has an energy, a sturdiness which carries the author’s intention through these fragile plantlings without sentimentality. A book for parents, for teachers, for us all to wonder at and enjoy and muse over.” –Seonaid M. Robertson, teacher and author of Rosegarden and Labyrinth: A Study in Art Education

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Richard Lewis is the founder and director of The Touchstone Center for Children, a nonprofit educational organization in New York City established in 1969 in the belief that all persons have natural creative, imaginative and artistic capacities, which when encouraged and allowed to develop, find unique expression in each individual. He has edited and written a number of books highlighting the poetic and mythic traditions from diverse cultures, among them Miracles: Poems by Children of the English-speaking World; All of You Was Singing: A Retelling of An Aztec Myth, and The Way of Silence: Prose and Poetry of Basho.

Author City: NEW YORK, NY USA


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