With Teeth


Fiction. Native American Studies. Women’s Studies. Experimenting with voice, form, and genre, Natanya Ann Pulley crafts a chorus of women voices who are in the process of reclaiming and telling their own stories as they slip through the cracks of our spacial and temporal reality. This collection explores how we tell stories, personally and collectively as a society, as we become stories ourselves. Through turns haunting, playful, tragic, and comedic, Pulley crafts a fever-dream surreal collection that will linger with you long after you finish.

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“You’re going to find your new favorite story in here. I know I just did.”
—Stephen Graham Jones

“These stories burrow into the hidden places where loss, fear and love are tangled together. WITH TEETH goes deep. It is as relentless as it is generous, as heartbreaking as it is beautiful.”
—Ramona Ausubel

“Natanya Pulley’s WITH TEETH is an astonishing collection by a darkly-gorgeous storyteller. Pulley weaves a haunting web of psychologically riveting and disturbing narratives in language that shimmers in the light, fattening up the reader with the witchy magic of incantation and song, before binding us—in all of our animal innocence and human frailty—into an intricate knotwork that leaves us whimpering for a safeword. Part creation myth, part surreal horror story, part smart parable of the consumption and commodification of vulnerable bodies, WITH TEETH, in all of its wry humor, shapeshifting, and haunting violence, heralds the debut of a remarkable and endlessly-imaginative voice. Dear Reader: once bitten, you will be forever transformed.”
—Lee Ann Roripaugh



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