No Peace at Versailles and Other Stories


“I have long been a fan of Nina Barragan’s work, and this collection is long overdue. The world of these stories is deceptive: on the surface all is calm and routine, but beneath the still waters passions swirl and chasm gape. Suddenly the ordinary becomes extraordinary, the predictable, unpredictable. And the reader’s sense of himself or herself is changed, deepened.” –Rich Archbold, co-author of The Discovery of the Titanic

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Nina Barragan, the pen name of Rocío Lasansky Weinstein, was born in Cordoba, Argentina. She was raised and educated in Iowa City, Iowa, where she now lives with her husband, artist Alan Weinstein, and their four children. She has traveled extensively, with residencies in Ibiza, Spain, Bergen-am-Zee, Holland, Regina, Saskatchewan, and Teeswater, Ontario. Currently, she and her husband are co-partners of The Barn Collections, an art gallery.


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