House Fire


“In these gem-like, many-faceted poems, B. J. Buhrow evokes–with a luminous sexuality, a voluptuous clarity–the bright promise and ominous threat that reside in the seemingly mundane and commonplace. Mortality, lawlessness, beauty, love, and risk roil beneath the calm, taut surfaces of her compelling and haunting lyrics. House Fire is a beautiful, and unforgettable, book.” –Ron Wallace, author of Plums, Stones, Kisses & Hooks

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B. J. Buhrow lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with her eight-year-old daughter Roxanne. Buhrow is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has worked at and relinquished many jobs over the last fifteen years–press operator, typist, industrial engineer, doctor’s wife, newspaper reporter, and waitress in a restaurant that sold horsemeat sandwiches. Buhrow currently is a first-year law student and is working on a second book of poetry, Great Sex Crimes of the Twentieth Century.


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