Coming Up for Light and Air


“These poems of north and south will draw you inward to a richly affecting life. Powerful elegies for a dead son—especially ‘Evidence,’ ‘at the catholic cemetery,’ and ‘What You Are Telling Us’—mingle with spare, passionate poems on friendship and love. ‘Coming Up for Air,’ ‘Swimming Out to the Island,’ ‘Signals,’ and the charming ‘Boy’ quietly broaden the book’s range. One imagines that Barbara Crow has lived every syllable of her deeply-felt poems.”

—Dave Mason, author of The Buried Houses

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Barbara Crow was born and educated in New Zealand, where she worked as a journalist. She met her husband, Jay, in Christchurch on his return from Antarctica, where he’d wintered over as Medical Officer at Byrd Station. They were married in Japan, ad their first child, Jonathan, was born in Sasebo. They’ve lived in New Zealand, in several places throughout the States, and are now settled with their youngest daughter, Liz, in Grand Forks, North Dakota.


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