Dream Junkies


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Three women come together in Chicago with a plan to make it big in Manhattan, but the shared dream takes each one down a different path. Daphne abandons her art studies to try her luck as a model, but she needs cash fast. Kristen’s starring role in a TV show seems like an easy break, but she’s a recovering bulimic and the producers want her to lose ten pounds. Both have been signed by Pavia, a demanding but endearing entertainment agent with a hidden agenda. Can she protect the girls from the city’s evils and take them to the heights of stardom, collecting the fat checks that will earn her boss’s affection? As Pavia’s plan falls apart, Kristin and Daphne are alone in the urban jungle, their friendship strained by the unsettling realities of fame. Struggling through auditions, the casting couch, and the men they love, they’re brought together again in the understanding that—ultimately—the hardest part to play is yourself.