Antigone Ravynn


Rachel Coyne is a novelist and poet who resides in Lindstrom, Minnesota. Coyne is a graduate of the Perpich Center for Arts Education, a public arts highschool in Golden Valley, Minnesota and Macalester College in St. Paul. She is a devotee of Pablo Neruda, a lover of Don Williams songs and a collector of vintage editions of Jane Eyre. Her previously published works include the previous titles in this series, a children’s book Daughter, Have I Told You? and two novels Whiskey Heart and The Patron Saint of Lost Comfort Lake.

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Book One in the Antigone Ravynn trilogy by Rachel Coyne!

Melding the mythological energy of the Percy Jackson series with the dystopian sentiments of the Hunger Games, Antigone Ravynn is a retelling of Sophocles’s Antigone, featuring gods, monsters, demi-gods, and demons.

Antigone’s House, the 7th House, is under attack. Can she save it and her reckless brother, when it may be her that needs to be saved?