Perks of Being a Bookworm


Books are so much more than pages and words. A book is a time machine that transports you to different moments in history and foreign lands. It lets you escape from everyday life. There is an endless number of books at our fingertips and an endless supply of joy, sadness, and anger that comes along with that. With this idea in mind, I feel it’s vital to list the top ten perks of being a bookworm.

  1. You have another excuse not to leave your home if you’re an introvert.
  2. Worldwide pandemic? No problem! You have books to keep you entertained.
  3. You have an easy filtering system for potential dates. “I don’t like reading” is a surefire way to lose you.
  4. You get to experience hundreds of adventures and lives.
  5. You’re easy to shop for.
  6. Your arm strength is impressive from holding up books as you read in bed.
  7. You have quite a vocabulary.
  8. Reading can help reduce stress.
  9. Bookworms live longer.
  10. Books show us how to live.