Online Just in Time: Red Weather Taking the World by Storm

New Rivers Press partners with Minnesota State University Moorhead to teach students the ins and outs of publishing, but we aren’t the only literary thing on campus. Many of the staff and interns are also involved with Red Weather, MSUM’s annual journal for prose, poems, and visual art.

This year, Red Weather is doing something a little different. In the past, we’ve only done one (very rarely two) print issues a year. Each one is filled with poems, prose, and visual art. These are all good, of course, but we felt this only captures a small fraction of the artistic talent on our campus and around the world.

Times they are a-changing, and so are we. This fall, we started online editions of Red Weather. These monthly editions allow us to have submission windows open virtually all year and are open to writers and artists worldwide. This first submission window alone, we had submissions from Turkey, Nepal, Russia, and South Korea. We are incredibly excited to give a platform to voices from around the world.

We are also excited to announce that the online editions will accept videos. That’s right—we can publish online things we could never do in a book. If you’re in theater, film, music, animation, or literally anything, you can now film your video or record your performance and submit it to us for consideration. Even if your artistic passion is not one of the categories listed, you can still send us a video of it.

Spoken word? Check.

Pottery making? Check.

Cake decorating? Sure, why not?

The first online edition will be published on our website on October 1. Even better, it’s entirely free! Our second edition, which is Halloween-themed, is currently open for submissions until October 15.

If you would like to submit, you can do so here:

Now go make some art!


To view the previous print editions of Red Weather go here:

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Written by Laura Grimm
Originally posted Sep 19, 2017

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