My Favorite Book Series as a Child


I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm and never passed up a chance to read as a child. I can remember the excitement I felt each time I was able to visit the library and get lost in new worlds. Choosing my five favorite book series that I loved when I was younger was NOT easy and took much time and consideration. That being said, here is my list of books (in no particular order). Hopefully some of your favorites made the list!

1. Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park: Junie B. Jones is a series mixed with humor and sass that tags along with the main character at the start of kindergarten. Throughout the series, Junie B. must face the highs and lows of not only kindergarten and elementary school, but also events like not being an only child anymore. Told from Junie’s perspective, it’s a classic that doesn’t disappoint.

2. Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne: In this exciting series, siblings Jack (8) and Annie (7) discover a treehouse near their home. This isn’t just any old treehouse though. It’s a treehouse that teleports the siblings to different places and historical periods. For each adventure, they are sent around the globe and face challenges that keep readers on their toes.

3. Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo by Nancy E. Krulik: In this series, Katie is an ordinary third grader who wishes on a star to be anyone else. Well, she finds out that wishes really do come true. When the magic wind blows, she switches bodies with someone else and must find a way to switch things back.

4. Dear Dumb Diary by Jim Benton: This series follows the main character Jamie Kelly who begins writing in a diary after finding her grandmother’s. With humor and wit on every page, readers get to follow Jamie on her journey through middle school and all the eventful moments that follow.

5. Dear America by Multiple Authors: Dear America is a series written in the form of diary entries from young women living during major events or time periods in American history. These events and time periods include colonialism all the way to World War II. This collection of historical fiction hooks you from the beginning and lets you feel as if you’re experiencing the moments yourself.