How to Get Books While in Quarantine


I don’t know about you all, but I miss going to bookstores and wandering around aimlessly looking for the perfect book. Though we can’t do that during this time, there are still places you can find the book you’re looking for.

1. Your public library

Most public libraries have E-books available to borrow. There should be instructions on their websites to show you how to download the app to get books.

2. Buy E-books

Personally, I am not someone who likes to read books in E-book format; however, this is a great way to get a book right now, and you will get it instantly after your purchase is made. If you have a tablet or obviously an E-reader this is a great way to get books.

3. Scribd

This is an application that you can use on a tablet, your phone, or your computer to read books. You can also get access to audiobooks, documents, and magazines. Right now you can get 30 days free, and if you want to continue to use it after, it is only $10 a month. You can find practically any book your heart desires here.


This is a website where you can purchase books, and some of the money from your purchase will be donated to independent bookstores. I used this site a while back to order a book and was very pleased with my purchase.

5. Buying from Independent Bookstores

This is also a great way to support independent bookstores and to find out what local bookstores are near you. If you live in Minnesota I recommend ordering from Moon Palace Books or Red Balloon Bookshop. If you want a physical copy of a book, I recommend looking up independent bookstores in your area or state to purchase it. *

*Please note that if you are purchasing a book online, it may take longer to get to you than it normally would.

I hope you all are taking good care of yourselves during this time. Happy reading!