General Submissions

Note: General Submissions are temporarily on hiatus.

General Submissions are for book-length literary manuscripts:

  • Short story/novella collections
  • Novels
  • Memoirs
  • Essay collections
  • Poetry collections
  • Hybrid forms

We will consider work of every character. Include contact information and a brief artistic biography with a publication history. If you’re sending a novel or memoir, include a brief synopsis, no longer than two or three paragraphs.

Manuscript lengths:

  • Collections of short stories, novellas, or personal essays: 100–200 double-spaced pages
  • Novels and memoirs: up to 400 double-spaced pages
  • Poetry collections: 50–90 single-spaced pages

The first week of each General Submission period will be free, and the remainder of the submission window will come with a small screening fee, to help offset the costs of operating the press. Thank you for your submissions; we look forward to reading your work!

We will no longer be accepting unsolicited General Submissions outside of our reading periods. Any work sent in will be returned unread, recycled, or you will be redirected to our General Submission period. Thank you for your understanding.

General Submissions are temporarily on hiatus.