NaNoWriMo Sale: 25% off Novels!

November marks the beginning of another NaNoWriMo season, that is, National Novel Writing Month. To celebrate, New Rivers Press is offering 25% off all of our novels when ordered from our website. The sale will go active on Thursday November 3rd and will run through November 30th.

In order to see a list of all our novels, click on the “Shop” tab on our website, then underneath “Product Categories” on the right sidebar, choose “By Genre” then “Novels.” Here is a quick link to the store page.

We will be taking pre-orders for Elizabeth Searle’s novel We Got Him, a family drama set during the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing. The book is slated to be released November 15th, and pre-orders will be shipped out thereafter. Pre-order sales for We Got Him will include the 25% off for the month of November.

This is a great opportunity to stock up on some Fall-Into-Winter reading. Be sure to leave a review on the novel’s shop page once you finish!

As for National Novel Writing month, each year, writers from around the country and the world challenge themselves to write a whole novel, (bench-marked at 50,000, according to within the month of November. For many writers, this is the kick they need in order to get and stay motivated and to not be bogged down by over-thinking or over-editing their own work.

NaNoWriMo can be an informal personal challenge, or a writer can sign up on the official NaNoWriMo website in order to track their progress, receive support from the community of other writers participating in the event and partake in other resources from the organization. Its still not too late to get in on the fun, check out their website here.

New Rivers Press supports all you brave and fantastic writers who are taking up the challenge this year. Good luck to you all!



Meet the Staff 2016/2017

Meet the Staff 

Another year at New Rivers Press is upon us and with it, another batch of student interns. We are very excited to have five with us this year, more than we’ve had in awhile, and look forward to what wonderful, book-related mischief we can get into with their help. Let’s get to know our five interns, some new and some old, as well as NRP’s managing editor.


 Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown is a senior at MSUM from Spokane, Washington. She is majoring in English with a Writing Emphasis and minoring in Philosophy. She has completed the Certificate in Publishing and hopes to work in the field after she graduates from college. Ever the outdoorswoman, she loves going for hikes and participates in MSUM’s Rock Climbing Club and Swim Team. On the side, she works as a barista for a certain coffee shop in town and makes a mean frappe. Her favorite book is Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. This will be Taylor’s first year interning with New Rivers Press.



Kyle Courteau

Kyle is in his final year at MSUM. After a rocky start, he eventually switched his major to English with a Writing Emphasis and a minor in Communication Studies. His interest in publishing stems from his experiences in grade school with dyslexia where reading was always a struggle. However, one of his teachers worked with him carefully to help him understand how the dyslexia was affecting him and how to read quickly in spite of the disability. She introduced him to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, which features characters with various conditions like ADHD and dyslexia and diverse identities of race and sexuality. With the support Kyle’s teacher gave him and his personal interest in these books, he became a very avid reader.  His goal as a publisher is to help books like this reach children in similar positions and inspire them to work with their disabilities and enjoy reading. This is Kyle’s first year interning with New Rivers Press.


Laura Grimm

Laura is a sophomore at MSUM and is double majoring in English and Mass Communications. She grew up on a dairy farm in Waconia, MN. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and playing piano. Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice, but she strangely is not a fan of romance novels, though she will read almost anything else. Because she’s a bookworm, she’s pursuing the Publishing Certificate and hopes to one day work at a publishing press as more than an intern. In the meantime, this is Laura’s second year as an Honors Apprentice intern for New Rivers.



Anna Landsverk

Anna Landsverk is a junior, although this is only her second year at MSUM. She is an English major with an Economics minor and two certificates. She is a second-year Honors Apprentice intern with New Rivers Press, as well as the new assistant editor for The Advocate, MSUM’s student newspaper. She enjoys soccer, video games, theater, volunteering, reading, and being outdoors. Anna greatly appreciates getting to work with New Rivers Press again this year; she looks forward to another year of helping make wonderful, original literature a reality.



Mikaila Norman

Mikaila Norman is going on her third year at MSUM and her third year as an Honors Apprentice Intern at the Press. Her plate is full with a double major in English with a Publishing Emphasis and Cultural Anthropology, as well as a minor in Creative Writing and the Certificate in Publishing. She has aspirations of becoming a copyeditor and helping authors bring their stories to life, as well as writing her own works of fiction. When she is not studying or mixing paint at a local hardware store, she enjoys reading, drawing and watching anime. This year she finds herself being the ruler of the nerds as President of MSUM’s Anime Club, a position that has so far brought her great joy. She is looking forward to another successful and fun-filled year at New Rivers Press.


Nayt Rundquist

Nayt Rundquist is New Rivers Press’s managing editor and the one in charge of all the aforementioned little Printing Devils. He is a recent graduate of MSUM’s (now defunct) Masters of Creative Writing program, and this is his second year as managing editor. When he is not too busy teaching classes, editing books, and being the boss, he enjoys reading. He is fond of comic books and prose books alike, and recently read Binti by Nnedi Okorafor, a Hugo-winning science fiction novella, which he greatly enjoyed.


Written by Mikaila Norman
Originally published September 13, 2016

2015-2016 Year in Review


The 2015-2016 school year has been a busy one, filled with many positive changes. As Finals loom over us in the week to come and summer is just around the corner, we at New Rivers Press are taking a moment to look back on all the things that we were able to accomplish this past year.

2015/16 saw the publication of 7 new titles, they were:


American Fiction: Volume 14 (Short Story Anthology)

Mother Tongue by Karen Lee Boren (Short Fiction)

Flashcards and the Curse of Ambrosia by Tracy Robert (2 Novellas)

Wrestling with Angels by Daniel Gabriel (Short Fiction)

Home Studies by Julie Gard (Poetry)

Water Rising by Leila Philip and Garth Evan (Watercolor Artbook and Poetry)


Horse Fever by Lee Hope (Novel)


Among these Home Studies was declared a finalist for the Minnesota Book Awards. The short stories, “Love, Faith” by Cathy Cruise and “A Re-Education” by Jennifer Nguyen as printed in American Fiction: Volume 14; as well as “The Core” a chapter in Flashcards and the Curse of Ambrosia by Tracy Robert, “Dark Time” short story by Daniel Gabriel as printed in Wrestling with Angels, and Julie Gard’s “Make Your Own Fun” a poem from Home Studies, have each been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. The winners will be announced later this year.

We had four brilliant students intern with us this school year. They were Anna Landsverk: in charge of the newsletter, Laura Grimm: master of social media, Desi Miller: graphic design extraordinaire and Mikaila Norman: website guru. Desi has decided to move on from her internship with us, and we are very grateful for all of her hard work this past year. Laura, Anna and Mikaila will return in the fall, and Mikaila will be interning over the summer as well. Beginning in the summer, we will also have a new intern, Kristin Leither, who will be helping create a badly needed digital database of NRP’s books for office use.

Nayt Rundquist is only two months short of his first anniversary as New Rivers Press’s Managing Editor. The fact that he is still alive must indicate that he is doing something right. We at the office extend our deepest gratitude and congratulations for all his successes this year.


New Rivers Press both attended and held many fun and interesting events this year. Here are some of the highlights:


Minnesota Center for Book Arts, On the Road

On September 12th and 13th NRP hosted a book-making workshop instructed by two representatives from the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Participants in the workshop learned how to craft many creative custom books using different binding styles, including Asian stab-binding and long-stitch binding.





rain-taxi-october-17thRain Taxi Book Convention

On October 17th Nayt and several interns journeyed down to St. Paul for the Rain Taxi Book Convention held on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in the Fine Arts Building. Here they set up shop, alongside many other local presses and authors, intending to spread awareness of the press and sell books. Several of NRP’s authors attended for signings and readings of their works. The NRP staff and authors alike enjoyed being surrounded by others with a passion for the craft with local ties. It was a fun and productive experience.






Book Launch Events, Fall 2015

NRP held many book launch events featuring author readings to celebrate the publication of American Fiction: Volume 14, Home Studies, Wrestling with Angels, Flashcards and the Curse of Ambrosia and Mother Tongue. These events were held between October 22nd and 24th at different venues around Fargo-Moorhead.



Valentine’s Day Book Giveaway

The interns organized this event in order to raise awareness of the Press on campus and to engage with students. They set up a table in the Comstock Memorial Union on February 12th to celebrate not only the upcoming Valentine’s holiday but International Book Giving Day, which also falls on February 14th. The event happened to coincide with a Dragon Day, a day in which prospective students tour the school. We were able to reach out to many currently enrolled MSUM students as well as many enthusiastic “Baby Dragons.” The interns gave away numerous NRP books from recent years past, played trivia games with table-visitors, held a book raffle and educated interested students about NRP’s publishing courses and Certificate in Publishing. The event was a smashing success.



Nayt Featured in the Fargo Forum

On March 28th Nayt was featured in the Fargo Forum as a part of the “Its My Job” series. Writer Adam Watts interviewed Nayt on his new position as New Rivers Press’s managing editor. You can view the article here.


AWP Conference in Los Angeles

Nayt and his wife Lexie, as well as a few NRP authors made the perilous journey to the mysterious land of Los Angeles to attend the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP)’s annual conference, which was held between March 20th and April 2nd. Something like another Rain Taxi but on a macro scale, AWP features presses and writers from all around the country.




A New Friend in the Office

Intern Laura gave the Office’s resident Jade Plant the name “Atticus Vanderplant.” He has flourished nicely this year under the care of Lexie, Nayt’s wife, who visits several times a week.



NRP featured on Campus News

Hailey Gerlach and Annie Pearson of MSUM Campus News did a piece on New Rivers Press. Originally airing on April 16th, it featured Nayt and Intern Mikaila.



As you can see, many fun times were had this past year. A word of thanks to everyone who has contributed to our successes: NRP staff, students, authors and readers. Here’s to a fantastic and productive year to come!

Buttons and Demons and Students, Oh My!

If any of you have attended an NRP events recently, you may have noticed a brightly colored buttons with a peculiar but familiar figure on them. The NRP staff have been hard at work preparing these buttons as a fun little promotional giveaway, so the creature it depicts has been on our minds a lot recently. But who or what, you may wonder, is that devilish little fellow? The answer is that he is the Printing Devil, New Rivers Press’s ‘mascot’ of sorts.

Since the 70’s the Printing Devil (our colloquial title for him, more formally known as the “Printer’s Devil”) has made appearances on numerous NRP merchandise. He was a part of our first logo and is currently featured on our Electronic Book Series seal, as well as the banner of this website.

To understand the diminutive demon we have to look into the tradition of the Printer’s Devil and the folk stories surrounding him. The most fanciful of which (and my personal favorite) recounts how an old superstition held that each printing press was haunted by its own resident devil, a trickster and troublemaker, who loved nothing more than to invert type, jumble the spelling of words and just cause misprints in general, (wonder if he’s currently haunting my computer printer…)

Here’s a photo from Stonegate, a historic street in York, England, famous for its printers and bookshops. This is a statue of a Printer’s Devil which sits outside of No. 33, where one such printer used to be.

The Printer’s Devil was a sort of superstitious scapegoat. Anything that went wrong was his fault. But people seem to prefer more practicality when it comes to scapegoats, thus, the printer’s apprentice, thought of as the usual suspect in printing mistakes, came to be known as the Printer’s Devil by association.

There were a few other aspects of the printer’s apprentice that gave merit to his demonic nickname. Back in the good old days of printing, when printers had much more direct interaction with ink than they do now, printer’s fingers would often be stained black, sometimes permanently. An old superstition held that this was a sign that the possessor performed black magic and sorcery.

The classic television show, The Twilight Zone played upon this. In the episode “The Printer’s Devil” from 1963, a printer sells his soul to the devil in order to save his failing newspaper. Things don’t quite work out as pleasantly as he might have hoped…

One more reason which the name Printer’s Devil is fitting for apprentices is because of their association with the press’s hellbox. The hellbox was the unholy resting place for all the tiny little bits of type (the metal ‘letter stamps’ used in traditional printing) after they were used. It was the poor Printer’s Devil who had the mind-numbingly dull task of sorting out the letters and putting them back in their proper job cases. (Thank goodness we don’t have to do that anymore!) Later on, the hellbox was used for the more fitting purpose of holding broken and discarded type, which the Printer’s Devil would then take to the furnace to be melted down and recast.

Nowadays, the term Printer’s Devil, though somewhat archaic, usually only refers to an apprentice in the field. Yes, my co-interns, that means that we are all Printer’s Devils. In that New Rivers Press is a teaching press, whose primary goal is to educate and train students, apprentices if you will, you can see just how fitting our “mascot” is.

Introducing Nayt Rundquist: NRP’s New Managing Editor


Nayt Rundquist at his new desk.

As of July, 2015, Nayt Rundquist has been the new Managing Editor of New Rivers Press. He succeeds Suzzanne Kelley, (with whom I had the pleasure of working last year,) who before him had been Managing Editor since 2009.

Nayt is a recent graduate of MSUM’s Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program (now no longer offered.) He specialized in fiction, and with both pride and humor told me that his thesis, which was a fantasy novel that he wrote, is one of the largest theses contained in the Weld Hall Library.

He is also a recipient of MSUM’s Certificate in Publishing and it is through this program that he first became involved with New Rivers Press. As a student, Nayt was put on the Book Team for Rachel Coyne’s novel, The Patron Saint of Lost Comfort Lake, which was released by New Rivers Press last spring. Later on, he was made the “Production Intern” for Madelon Sprengnether’s Great River Road. And just last spring he took on the role of “Assistant Production Editor” for all NRP books to be released this fall. “Suzzanne liked to give me fancy titles for everything I did,” he joked.

And now he finds himself with the title of Managing Editor, a position that has so far enjoyed immensely but which has also presented him with many challenges. “Summer was hectic,” he confessed, “but now I feel like I’m catching up.”  Nayt said that for the most part, his biggest concern now is acclimating to his new responsibilities and making sure not to forget anything. There are a lot of things going on at NRP right now. Nayt is most excited for our October Book Launch events, as well as working with our new authors.

Nayt has also taken over the publishing courses previously taught by Suzzanne. “My first degree was in education, and I love it.” Nayt has had 6 years’ worth of teaching experience in middle school, high school, and college classrooms.

When I asked him if he could tell me any interesting or fun facts about himself he leaned back, pondered deeply for a moment, then said, “I once toured China for two weeks as a musician.” At my incredulity he explained that he wasn’t some crazy rock and roll vagabond (but he purposefully tells the story vaguely because it’s more fun that way) but that the trip was with his college choir.

Nayt has also had experience working with MSUM’s literary magazine Red Weather for the past three years both as an Editor and Managing Editor.

As far as his hobbies… “My entire life is books!” he proclaimed. “Reading, writing, teaching, editing.” At that moment, he noticed a certain book on the table with a hand sewn spine from NRP’s recent book binding workshop. “I even make them!” However, we both agreed that books are really all anyone needs in their life.

Nayt has so far brought much dedication and enthusiasm to New Rivers Press and the future looks bright. I’m sure everyone will join me in wishing him good luck in his new position as Managing Editor.