7 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time to Write


It may be cold and frightful outside, but it’s actually the perfect season to stay inside and write. Here’s why:

If you live in Minnesota or any place else where it snows a lot, chances are you won’t want to spend much time outside. Really, you have nothing better to do than write.

The inspirational weather. Snowflakes swirling through the night sky, creating a contrast of white and black? Perfect time to write. Sunlight glinting off the snow, making it look like a thousand diamonds covering the earth? Write some more.

New Year’s resolutions. Now is the perfect time to sit down, develop a writing strategy, and stick to it!

There isn’t much daylight. For me, I prefer writing when it’s dark outside. There are fewer distractions, and it helps me concentrate. Plus, it’s perfect for mood lighting. Snuggle up to the fireplace and let its warm glow tempt your creative spirit.

Holiday get-togethers with crazy family members. Some of their quirks might bring one of your characters to life. Plus, it’s a great way to “research” speaking styles and relationships.

Holiday breaks give you FREE TIME (wait, that still exists?). That means you have TIME TO WRITE.

There’s something magical in the air. The end of one year turns into the beginning of another. Winter is full of fresh starts. It seems like anything’s possible. And that means it’s possible for you to finish your novel.

Happy writing

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